Celebrating Emir of Ilorin’s 24th Years on the Throne

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On the night before my father died, in *July 1995*, he mentioned two things that Allah won’t grant him to see. One of them, was for the then Ciroman Ilorin to become Emir, in his lifetime. A few weeks after his passing, his cousin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, became the Emir of Ilorin.
Alhamdulilah! 24 years down the line, our dear father, Mai Martaba, Sarkin Ilorin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, has presided over the steady growth of our community and our state. In 24 years, you have been the father for a community that has witnessed an unprecedented growth in every sense: economic, social, political and demographic. Your ability to navigate through these changes, and adapt the cultural and religious roles to the relentless forces of change, remain some of your main sources of strength and they underline your wisdom as a father, leader and visionary.
May Allah continue to deepen Your Iman and May He give you more years of useful labour, and the peace and good health to continue to provide the ambience for the continued unity, growth and development of our community, our home town, our state and our dear country, Nigeria. Allah ya ja zamanin Sarki. Amin.

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