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British imperialism in real terms, is a dying horse; it frantically kicks about, but everyone knows its days are long gone! The sun has set over the British Empire, but its putative inheritors hate to be undertakers for one of the most lucrative, exploitative and ruthless killing machines in history. So once in a while, they pop up, like the parasitic head on a mal-formed Siamese twin, threatening blood and iron. In recent years, British imperialist ambitions are projected by acting as surrogate lap dog of American imperialism, especially with wretched characters like Tony B-Liar, able to smooth-talk people with lies, while putting up the “God-fearing” straight face. Well, not to be outdone in flexing puny imperial muscles, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently threatened to stop foreign aid to Commonwealth countries that do not support homosexual rights. Well! Well!!

What are we to make of that threat, at a time that the Nigerian parliament is also debating a same sex marriage Bill and all Nigerian religious groups are pouring opprobrium on any mention of gay marriage?  We should not work ourselves into frenzy about the issue. No. In Northern Nigeria, for example, we have historically lived with Yan Daudu (are they really transvestites, homosexuals or plain queers?). One was even allegedly elected into the Kano State House of Assembly in 1979! But our societies have tolerated ‘queers’ for eons, and for as long as they remained marginal, not overly ruffling societal feathers, everybody went about their businesses. But in Western culture, homosexuality has been consecrated as “natural” and must be accepted by all, in an in-your-face manner. So annually, ‘Gay Pride’ parades have become big business (capitalism will cream every opportunity for a profit); as leading artists, intellectuals, journalists and celebrities proudly announce themselves as gay.

Anybody described as ‘homophobic’ can lose his job or status in society. Being described as “homophobic” is a “sin” only less serious than to be “anti-Semitic” or ‘de-legitimizing’ Israel’s right to exist! Israel and homosexuality are the two subjects closest to “sacredness” in Western life today. And since the West controls the world, neo-colonies in Africa must accept whatever is “sacred” in the imperialist metropolis. That was why David Cameron read his ‘Homosexual Rights’ riot act to Commonwealth neo-colonial leaders recently. Nigerians should robustly discuss homosexuality, like any other social issue. Homosexuals are human; even if we disagree with the practice from our religious and other convictions, their humanity must never be questioned or diminished. However, an in-your-face display of homosexuality is as absurd as “straight” people making equally vulgar display of sexuality. As for Britain’s threat, I think the imperialist politician, David Cameron, should ‘stuff’ his aid. He cannot teach lessons about ‘Homosexual Rights’. He is heir to a brutal, genocidal imperialist system which denied millions of people rights in history: from slavery, colonial wars to neo-colonialism today!

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