America’s Quagmire in Iraq

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This week, the colonial consul imposed by the United States to rule the conquered territory  of Iraq, Jay Garner, assumed his mantle in Baghdad. His arrival in the Iraqi capital, is against the backdrop of very ominous developments in that country.

While the Americans had deluded themselves, that they were welcomed to Iraq as “liberators’ the people of Iraq have consistently been asking for the vacation of their country by the invaders. This demonstration of anti-imperialist resolve reached a height, after Juma’at prayers last Friday, when thousands of people hit the streets of Baghdad, demanding an end to the American occupation of Iraq.

The Americans script for Iraq had been so clear to observers for long, and as it unfolds, hardly has an element of surprise been thrown into the mix whatsoever. There is the takeover of the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, and looking the other way, when other public institutions were being ransacked, including the connivance with the looting of 5,000 years of history at the Baghdad museum. An earlier piece of the jig-saw was the absolutely immoral oil contract given to Halliburton, a company with links to the American vice-president.

The most  recent elements of the mix include the long term plan to have military bases in Iraq  well as the effort to siphon Iraqi oil to help lubricate  the economy of Zionist Israel. To ensure that these calculations work to perfection, the Americans will install a puppet regime in Iraq, dedicated to doing the bidding of the United States and protecting the strategic superiority of Israel in the Middle East.

The United States calculates that its colonial occupation of Iraq has dealt a death blow to Arab nationalism, has broken the back of militant Islamic opposition to its imperialist ambitions in that region of the world, as well as ensuring its long term control of the huge reserves of oil in the soil of Iraq.

But the awakening of the consciousness of the Iraqi people, as has been demonstrated in recent times, shows that the United States might have actually landed itself in a quagmire. It won the war against a third world army, using the most sophisticated weapons in the world, but it has to come to terms with the death, destruction and deep seated hatred it has sown into the soul of the Iraqi people.

The deployment of bravado in front of television cameras by such elements of the American administrations as Donald Rumsfeld cannot hide the mess that must be cleared in the long term in Iraq.

The contradictions that have surfaced since the commencement of the American occupation of that country show how difficult the days, weeks and months ahead would be for the Americans.

But if history is anything to go by, we can be rest assured that the ultimate winners will be the people of Iraq. With a background of five thousand years of history, Iraq has endured colonial occupations in the past.

The American occupation will certainly end too but this is after it might have extricated itself properly from the quagmire it has dug itself into, with its ravenous appetite for Iraqi oil and related pillaging of the resources of that country.

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