All Hail Lenin’s Birthday

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On April 22, workers and working people the world over are commemorating the 113th birthday of Lenin, the great leader of the world’s working people.

Who was Lenin, and why is he so loved by oppressed peoples the world over? Lenin was a fighter for the rights of workers in Russia and the whole world; the organiser of the victory of the 1917 October Socialist Revolution In Russia (when workers took over power for the first time in the world to do away with exploitation forever); Lenin was a REAL working class politician of genius.

The Russia into which Lenin was born in 1870, was one of very terrible exploitation for the working people. It was a country in which the peasant farmers were subjected to backbreaking toil without owning what they produced; in which workers worked for long hours in factories, mines, etc, and in which a large population of poor people were dying in their millions without good housing, health care, education, and finally a very oppressive government that was an alliance of feudalists and capitalists.

At the start of his career, and throughout his life, Lenin was a consistent pupil of Karl Marx (the originator of the scientific teaching of the working class-communism). Lenin developed thee teachings and applied them creatively in the conditions of Russia-a country that was still very underdeveloped.

Among his many contributions to the struggle of the working class for a new society, are the teachings on the creation of a working-class party; the art of winning power by the working class through the revolution; and the construction of the new-socialist society.

In Nigeria today, the working class is becoming more and more organised and awakening, especially for the struggles for the improvement of our living conditions, under the present system of capitalism. However, the development of our political consciousness is still very low. It is therefore important for us to study the teachings and examples of Lenin in the continuing struggles we face as workers, and oppressed people in Nigeria today.

One of the main lessons we will have to learn from Lenin, is how to CONCRETELY UNDERSTAND the Nigerian situation, in order to be able to CHANGE it. Let us also learn from Lenin how to organize the political party of a NEW TYPE, the working class party. This is particularly important now, that all the present parties in Nigeria today have shown they are REAL enemies of workers.

We must also be able to learn Lenin’s spirit of total commitment to the struggles of fellow workers of our country, our Africa, and the world. Let us learn about Lenin’s consistent democracy and hatred of all oppression and exploitation. As we commemorate the 113th anniversary of the birth of Lenth, therefore, we must renew our commitment to overhaul the systems of foreign domination, ( and the)exploitation of man by man.

Workers must know about Lenin and his teachings and deeds. These are some of the lessons of the birthday of Lenin. Long live the memory and teachings of Lenin-the great leader of the working people of the world
All hail Lenin’s 113th birthday!!!

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