November 15, 2007
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I think it was on his seventy-fifth Birthday, five years ago, that

Alhaji Abdul Ganiyu Folorunsho Abdulrazaq, give me a very

extensive interview, which was published as star interview in

the centre spread of DAILY TRUST. On Tuesday, November

13th, 2007, the venerable old man turned eighty years. Alhaji

A.G.F. Abdulrazaq has made truly remarkable contributions to

the history of Nigeria. He is the first lawyer from Northern

Nigeria and he played a distinguished role in the lead to Nigeria’s

independence as well as being the legal mind of the Northern

People’s Congress (NPC) and in the immediate post-

independence period, he was also and Ambassador of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria. Alhaji Abdulrazaq was the quintessential

politician at a time when politics meant genuine service to the

people of the community and the country. A very proud and

beloved son of Ilorin, he nevertheless grew up in the Eastern

Nigerian City of Onitsha, and therefore speaks Yoruba, Igbo and

Hausa very fluently.

Alhaji A.G.F. Abdulrazaq is also remembered as an educationist

in Ilorin, having founded one of the earliest community schools

in the town, the Ilorin College (ICI) which later became

Government High School, Ilorin. He went on to serve at very

high levels in these multi-faced contributions; he never lost his

sense of community. He holds the traditional titles of Muttawalin

Ilorin and Turakin Zazzau. It is equal important to underscore the

fact that he also excels in parenting, producing children who are

making their marks in the development of Nigeria. Dr. Alimi

Abdulrazaq; Senator Khairat Gwadabe; AbdulRahman

Abdulrazaq, the intrepid Businessman; Isiaka Abdulrazaq, the

bureaucratic with the legendary spirit of community; to mention

a few. A major aspect of the AGF Abdulrazaq, is his beloved wife

(MAMA to my generation of young men from Ilorin). We have

all been inspired by Alhaji A.G.F. Abdulrazaq’s exemplary life

and with him more years of healthy life and useful labour for our



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