Abdulsamad Rabiu Owes Us Full Disclosure

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On Friday, October 29, 2010, the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organisation, corralled a long list of government-approved billionaires to donate money at a fund raising dinner, to oil the presidential ambition of Goodluck Jonathan.  The chief launcher of the day was AbdulSamad Rabiu, who gave one million naira, but then donated another N250million on behalf of “a list of 250 family members and friends”. The donation of a million naira by AbdulSamad was legally within the bounds of Nigeria’s Electoral Act. What is in question is that AbdulSamad did not disclose PUBLICLY the “250 family members and friends”.

But in the spirit of democratic openness and transparent procedure, he MUST give us a list of those family members and friends who were so enamoured of the dour and incompetent Goodluck Jonathan, that they were willing to give a total of a quarter of a billion naira to the man’s desperate campaign to become our president, come 2011. If AbdulSamad does not give a full “list of 250 family members and friends”, he paid N250 million on their behalf, we must then remind him and the Goodluck Jonathan campaign group that they cannot be clever by a half and think they can go scot free subverting our Electoral Act. Yes, AbdulSamad Rabiu is a government-approved billionaire, but their group does not own Nigeria. So, Malam, we await the FULL DISCLOSURE you owe Nigeria!

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